CS452 - Real-Time Programming - Spring 2012

Exam -- Exam -- Exam

I hope you have not been getting anxious because I seem not to exist. I have been living through the week-end from hell. Every time I tried to use a computer to do something about the exam it broke. And every time I tried to fix something it broke more things. At present I have no e-mail and no newsgroup, but I managed a couple of days ago to get the web back up.

If you try to click on the exam link at the bottom of this page right now you will get the dreaded 404 error. Tomorrow after 09.00 when you click on it after 09.00 you should see the exam.

To help me keep track of what's going on I would like you to send me e-mail when you first look at the exam, so I know when to expect you to finish. NOTE, looking at the exam means starting to do it, because that's when you can first start thinking about the questions.

From when the first person starts the exam there are six (6) hours during which I will answer students' questions about the exam. You will get email telling you when the six hours expire.

Until you hear otherwise you should send e-mail to the course account: cs452@linux.student will probably do it, but I am sure you know better addresses. I will be spending the next few hours trying to get the e-mail turned back on. Wish me luck.


  1. You should e-mail to the address: wbcowan@linux.cs. (Note the "b".)


Assignment 0 (Polling Loop)

Kernel Description

Kernel (Part 1)

Kernel (Part 2)

Kernel (Part 3)

Kernel (Part 4)

Train Control (Part 1)

Train Control (Part 2)



Final Examination

Examinations of Previous Terms

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