Bill Cowan's Homely Pages

What you will find among the thousands of megabytes hanging off this rickety hinge?

This massif of bytes started life in the 1980s as a prosthesis for students in classes I was teaching: not sufficiently careful and exhaustive that students could learn course material without lectures and assignments, but able to supply the memory probes a student needs to retrieve or apply course needed for an assignment or exam.

Much (most?) of it is cryptic, prolix and not what you want, but sobeit. You can find it here. It neither expands, contracts nor re-organizes itself, so you needn't hurry.

There are also a several small collections of miscelleous stuff, not very academic interests such as my health, my grandmother's stories about her family, epidemic models of abstract diseases similar to covid, that kind of thing. You can find a small guide to some of it here.