CS452 - Real-Time Programming

Possibly Useful Hardware Notes

Inside the grey box is a small circuit board made by Technologic, a TS-7200. The board has a system on chip, the Cirrus EP9302. It contains an ARM 920T CPU, instruction set ARMv4T, two 16550 UARTs, one with hardware handshaking and one without, and a collection of timers. It also has a floating point coprocessor that can be programmed only in assembly language.


  1. Manual
  2. Memory map. (Appendix B is useful.)
  3. Schematic
  4. Mechanical
  5. Mechanical
  6. Order one

Cirrus EP9302

The EP9302 is a bug-fix version of the EP9301.

  1. Data sheet
  2. User's guide
  3. PL190 (VIC aka Interrupt Control Unit) manual

ARM 920T

  1. Description of ARM 920T
  2. Technical Reference Manual.
  3. Technical Reference Manual: local copy. We have v4.
  4. System bus specification.


  1. ARM call standard.

Other stuff

  1. 64-bit ARM architecture.
  2. Not very tricky LaTeX Tricks.

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