Evolution of consumption

Some Papers

Robin Cowan, "Waves and cycles: explorations in the pure theory of price for fine art", in C. Antonelli, D. Foray, B. Hall and E. Steinmueller (eds.) New frontiers in the economics of innovation and new technology, Edward Elgar, pp.188-205, 2006.

Robin Cowan, William Cowan and Peter Swann, "Waves in Consumption with Interdependence among Consumers", Working Paper #2/98-011, MERIT Maastricht Univeristy, 1998. now published in Canadian Journal of Economics vol 37(1), pp. 149-177, 2004.

To see dymanic versions of some of the illustrations of the models in this paper, you can look here.

Robin Cowan, William Cowan and Peter Swann, "Interacting Consumers, Externalities and Waves in Demand" in F. Schweitzer and G. Silverberg, eds. Evolution and Self-Organization in Economics Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1998.
Robin Cowan, William Cowan and Peter Swann, "A model of demand with interactions among consumers", International Journal of Industrial Organization , vol. 15: 711-732, 1997.


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